BYD Green City Solution

The green economy enables society to generate more each year while preserving or enhancing natural capital. To help create the green economy, BYD can provide a GREEN CITY SOLUTION by means of electrifying the existing urban public transportation system in a sustainable way.
With the GREEN CITY SOLUTION, the current gasoline or diesel buses and taxis can be replaced by all electric ones which not only dramatically reduce air pollution from the transportation sector but also cut down the operational cost of buses and taxis to one third or even more.

BYD has THREE Dreams for a Zero Emission Eco-system

Solar Power
Energy Storage
Electrified Transportation

Three Main Global Environmental Issues

Global Oil Crisis:40% of oil resources used in automobiles; 20-30% auto industry growth in developing nations; oil supplies running out in 2050. CO2 Emissions:25% of CO2 emissions come from vehicles; 500,000 tons CO2 emissions from public transport vehicle in Shenzhen; Greenhouse effect caused by excess CO2 emissions. Air Pollution:Nearly 30% of oxynitride (NOx and SOx) in China comes from vehicle emissions.

Bus & Taxi Population in China

Annual fuel consumption of buses in China is 17.8b L
Annual fuel consumption of taxis is 16.9b L
Fuel consumption is about 28m tons
20% of all vehicle fuel consumption is in China

Urgent Need of e-Bus & e-Taxi in Cities

What if all Buses & Taxis were ELECTRIFIED?

Private Passenger car registration in China: 30,000,000 units
Taxi population in China: 1,200,000 units
City Bus population in China: 500,000 units

Highlights of BYD e-taxi in Public Transportation

Range & Innovation in Power Range: 240km-300km (combined range) Top speed: 140km/h Equipped with BYD high-tech Fe battery with large capacity and high safety. Comfort & Safety Spacious interior with pleasant ambience.
Wheelbase: 2830mm.
Large trunk space
Passed heat, high voltage and collision tests, showing good stability and safety Convenient Recharging Solution Quick Charging (100kw): 40mins Charging also can be done during shifts and rest time
Energy saving& Low cost
Conventional Taxi BYD e6 Price Difference
Energy Consumption/100km 10L 21.5kWh -
Energy Price 1.18$/L 0.16$/kWh -
Cost/100km 11.8$ 3.44$ 8.34$
Annual Operating Cost 20,827$ 6,071.6$ 14,755.4$
Total Operating Cost 104,135$ 30,358$ 73,777$

Highlights of BYD eBUS in Public Transportation

Easy-pass, low deck and wide aisle Using in-wheel motor drive technology, the eBUS features a one-step low floor and wide aisle
Conveniently placed wheelchair space
Large internal space Innovation in Power & Long Cursing Range Uses BYD innovated leading technology of wheel border drive and stop system
Long range: 250 km in city condition
Equipped with BYD high-tech Fe battery with large capacity and high safety Charging time 5 hours
Energy saving& Low cost
Conventional Bus BYD eBus Price Difference
Energy Consumption/100km 40L 130kWh -
Energy Price 1.19$/L 0.16$/kWh -
Cost/100km 47.6$ 20.8$ 26.8$
Cost/1km 0.476$ 0.208$ 0.268$
Annual Operating Cost 42,007$ 18,356$ 23,651$
Total Operating Cost 336,056$ 146,848$ 189,208$
Annual Operating Cost = Cost/1km × 250km/d × 353d
Total Operating Cost= Annual Operating Cost × 8 years