i System

BYD’s new i system allows car owners to have total management of their car from both the central screen and also remotely from smart phones or other devices. BYD-i is an intelligent, in-vehicle, network platform capable of wirelessly communicating your vehicle system's information and providing remote-control access through your secure wireless devices.
It achieves a secure-docking link that builds the next-generation "Car-Networking" infrastructure. BYD-i also offers cloud computing services which allow users to remotely unlock or lock their cars as well as turn on air conditioning prior to their arrival in the car.
BYD-i has a simple, intuitive interface with 24-hour online call center access and emergency services from thousands of our provider-partners. "i" becomes an information portal with terminal access to services like.


Collision Assistance
Road side Assistance
Emergency Assistance
Car System Reports
Vehicle Information
Maintenance Schedule


Cloud Key-Remotely unlock doors
Cloud Key–Remotely lock doors
Cloud Control–Turn on air conditioning
Cloud Control–Car location
Fleet navigation
Real Time traffic reports
Theft Prevention Systems
Maintenance Schedules
Remote Navigation
Remote Control
Daily Schedule Management
Location Finder


Weather Reports
Business Service
Remote observation-allows car
owners to remotely observe their
cars interior and exterior
surroundings via smart phone
or other device.
i Chat allows car owners to chat
with other iChat users directly
Stock Market Reports
Service Networks

i-no Limits

App Store
Music Download
Remote maintenance

Remote Driving System

Only seen in films and on TV before now, BYD brings dreams to life with the introduction of the E-Driver system. BYD has dDeveloped in house a remote driving system for its range of cars. T, the new Remote Driving System allows owners you to use their your car key to remotely start and operate their your vehicle within a range of 20 meteres. The system allows drivers you to remotely drive and steer their your car, which BYD believes will be of use when parking or bringing your car to you in inclement weather.

Smart-Key System

Wireless controlled technology is used in the smart-key system. Via the smart-key. car location, keyless entry, one-button start, electronic and anti-theft alarm systems can all be easily operated.
1. Car Location Search The smart key uses wireless technology to search for the vehicle up to a radius of 30 metres.
2. Remote Door Control The doors can be locked or unlocked via the smart-key remote control.
3. Automatic Welcome Lights The welcome lights under the rearview mirror automatically come on when the vehicle detects the smart key to provide extra illumination for occupants.
4. Keyless Entry The door lock control receives a signal from the smart key when it gets close. Once the signal has been recognized, the doors can be locked or unlocked by pressing the door handle button.
5. One Button Start The engine automatically detects the smart key once it is inside the vehicle. The engine can then be started or stopped by pressing the "ENGINE START STOP" button (While at the same time stepping on the brake or clutch pedal). If there is not enough power in the smart key battery, the key can be placed near the start button and the car can be started.


CAN-BUS is known as "the Controller Area Network bus technology (Controller Area Network-BUS). Via sensors throughout the body a variety of driving data will be sent to the "bus". This data does not specify a unique receiver but any receiving end can read it when needed. Data transmission through Can-Bus is very fast, which guarantees its accuracy and effectiveness. Traditionally vehicle bodies need a lot of wiring harnesses to transfer signals from sensors. Can-Bus technology can significantly reduce the number of wiring harness and combine data from the, engine, gearbox, airbags, instruments, ABS and computer-based diagnostic systems, so that the vehicle's various systems work in coordination, to ensure safety, comfort and reliability.

Double TFT -LED Screen

To differentiate with other brands the BYD instrument panel uses TFT-LED screens with higher integrated performances in intensity, contrast, power dissipation, lifetime, size and weight.

The backlight brightness of the instrument panel can be quickly adjusted at any time by turning the button. The 22-level adjustable backlight ensures the brightness of the whole instrument panel in an optimal state of high definition saving energy and protecting the user’s eyes, day or night.

By using the ECU and through the CAN-BUS on-board LAN collecting real time information from vehicle equipment and components, the TFT -LED instrument panel can display as many as ten items of information, such as average and current fuel consumption, driving range, average speed, running time, mileage, outdoor temperature, engine speed and gear display.
information, such as average fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel consumption, driving range, fuel consumption, average speed, running time, mileage, outdoor temperature, engine speed and gear display.

Using electronic chips the driver can be alerted in real-time to any abnormal situations arising from vehicle equipment or components using data delivered by CAN-BUS during the operation of the vehicle. The default alert includes fourteen driving conditions, such as key not being detected or low key power, coolant temperature too high, add fuel, , parking brake not released, low oil pressure, check charging system, braking system, ABS system or engine system.

The system includes an easy to read maintenance alert. When the time or mileage reaches the maintenance condition you've preset words will be displayed on the screen to remind you that a service is required.

Drivers can set the UI interface tone at any time and according to their personal driving habit. There are two theme styles to choose. Neon Glow occurs during the changing process and this will be updated continuously in the future to be more fashionable, technological and user-friendly.

Media System

Movie Theatre Style Audio System Equipped with multi acoustic speakers and one subwoofer for five tunes, the BYD audio system overcomes the vehicle acoustic constraints and brings a deep and realistic sound experience to passengers, which recreates the immersive feeling of a movie theatre or live concert performance.
Onboard Digital TV The On board digital TV applies the advanced DTTB (Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting) technology to receive digital TV signals from a large area and provides TV programmes for the passengers while moving or parked., The display is very clear even when moving .
Adjustable Speaker Volumes The volumes of individual speakers can easily be adjusted to satisfy passengers' requirements in different positions inside the car.