BYD 476ZQA(1.5TI) Engine
TI: Turbo + Direct Injection

  • T - Turbo Power, bigger power In theory, a naturally aspirated 1.5L engine's torque would usually reach into the 140Nm range, a naturally aspirated 2.4L engine could potentially reach into the 230Nm range. However a 1.5T engine can reach 240Nm. There is a big difference in an engine with and without a turbo. A good example would be that a 10 year old child could potentially pull a 100kg weight with a lot of struggling, but a seasoned strong man could easily pull such a weight.
  • I - Direct Injection, lower fuel consumption Highlight 1: In a traditional fuel injection system fuel is forced into an air duct and then into a combustion chamber. In a direct injection engine, fuel is forced directly into the combustion chamber where it is burnt more efficiently. Tests indicate that direct injection engines save between 15% and 20% more fuel over traditional engines whilst carbon emissions are halved. Highlight 2: Turbo injection engines bring fuel into the engine in a more accurate way by using intelligent systems which allow for greater or lesser amounts of fuel depending on the way the vehicle is driven. Over a 100 kilometer range, a turbo injection engine will use less fuel and will see greater engine power meaning you get to your destination quicker.

BYD 488QA Engine

The use of IVT (Intake Variable Technique), EGR, and an immobilizer on the BYD 488QA engine, brings outstanding and stable performance, high safety and adaptability to a wide range of driving conditions. The use of Bosch engine management technology ensures that the engines meet Euro IV and Euro V emission standard.
  • IVT

    Optimizes intake valve timing by continuously changing the camshaft speed by means of hydraulic pressure in the engine. This reduces fuel consumption through a reduction in pumping loss, improving performance by raising volume efficiency.
  • EGR

    A new exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve with a cooler bypass channel, reduces hydrocarbon and particulate emissions by feeding a portion of an engine's exhaust gas back to the engine cylinders
  • Immobiliser

    The car's electronic immobiliser disables the engine if the ignition key is not present. This drastically reduces the possibility of vehicle theft.
  • Aluminum Block

    The use of a high-pressure-casting aluminum engine block reduces engine noise and vibration, while it's lower weight improves the car's fuel economy.

BYD 483QB Engine

  • The BYD483QB design adopts the IVT (Intake Variable Technique) system, which continually ensures the optimum intake efficiency, maintaining performance at different loads and speeds and improving driveability and overall engine efficiency. This tried and tested technology has been well received by both critics and consumers.
  • The BYD 1.5L 483QA engine puts out a mighty 90Kw of power and has a maximum torque of 160Nm. This gasoline engine is able to work at optimum performance in all conditions and provides driving that is safer, more comfortable, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.
    • Technology: 1.Aluminum Engine; 2.SOHC: Single Overhead Camshaft; 3.Electronic control, Multi-point sequential injection, In-line four cylinder; 4.EGR: Exhaust Gas Recirculation; 5. VVL: Variable Valve Lift.
    • Advantage:1. Lightweight and all-aluminum design with a leading level maximum output of power and torque reaching to 80kW and 145Nm; 2. low emission,reducing Nox by 30%-50%,HC by 10%-20%; 3. Intelligent air intake system reducing fuel consumption by 5%; 4. Stable and reliable. The mixed combustion, gas intelligent controller, always maintains the best air-fuel ratio, to run more smoothly to provide a more efficient intake, more responsive reaction, and quieter compartment.
  • The BYD 1.5L 473QB engine puts out a mighty 79Kw power and maximum torque of 144N.m, reaching more than 170Km/hour as the top speed. It is light, compact, reliable, durable and environmental friendly, without compromising performance.
  • The 1.0L BYD371QA engine for F0 puts out a mighty 50Kw power and maximum torque of 90Nm, reaching more than 151Km/hour as the top speed. It features high efficiency and low fuel consumption.


  • DCT

    The Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission provides smoother gear change through sixsSpeeds and is energy efficient.Its accurate dual clutch has electronic and automatic modes for more pleasurable driving and uses electro-hydraulic systems. It is light in weight and of compact design, is well built and of strong quality for clear concise shifting.
  • 5T19(5MT)

    Features and electrical control system and flexible shaft with remote control and is suitable for various environment applications.
  • 6MT

    The accurate gear ratios make the most advantage of engine performance and acceleration. The gear is shifted more smoothly with smaller force and more gear ratios achieve favorable fuel efficiency.