• Outstanding Performance

    With its lightweight and compact design, the F3R 2011 MT version features with all-new BYD developed 473QB1.5L aluminum engine, which is very powerful with low fuel consumption and low noise, totally embodying the "light, fast, economic" features. F3R achieves Euro IV emission standards to make it more environmentally friendly.
  • No compromise on Safety

    Numerous active and passive safety features include Bosch ABE+EBD, full-size dual SRS air bags, rear parking sensors and 3-point seat belt, all of which allow you and your F3R to be safe on and off the road.
  • Comprehensive specification

    As well as features like an anti-glare interior rearview mirror, LED instrument console and multi-adjustable driver seat, F3R 2011 version has added 13 new configurations to make the car more fashionable and allow the driver or passengers for a greater feeling over the car.


  • Sleek & Sporty Headlights

    The headlights turns on or off automatically according to the light outside, so just enjoy the fun from this modern technology!
  • Sporty front grille

    The distinctive black mesh grille accentuates the sporty style of the F3R.
  • LED rear lamp

    The LED rear lamps provide excellent visibility combined with great looks.
  • Streamlined body

    The 0.3 Coefficient of Drag results from a sleek aerodynamic body shape.
  • Same Coloured Exterior Door handles

    Door handles in the same colour as the body enhance the sense of wholeness
  • High-mounted brake lamp

    The high-mounted central brake light sends a clear signal to alert the car behind to stop effectively
  • Rear windshield defroster

    Removing fog and frost effectively ensures that the driver always has a clear view


4-Door storage box

The LED dashboard reduces eye strain

Storage box and ashtray

Front centre armrest/storage box

  • Safety Seats in Anti-slip Leather

    The advanced ergonomic design of the leather seats in F3R provide a high level of support, and ensure a comfortable ride.
  • NVH Engineering

    Extensive noise, vibration,and harshness (NVH) studies result in a vehicle that is smooth and quiet to travel in.
  • Storage

    The F3R features storage for a variety of personal items. There is a glove box, cup holder and a central armrest with inbuilt storage .


BYD 483QB Engine

  • The BYD 1.5L 473QB engine puts out a mighty 79Kw power of and a maximum torque of 144Nm, reaching more than 170Km/hour as the top speed. It is light, compact, reliable, durable and environmental friendly, without compromising performance.
  • The Mitsubishi Vertical Vortex can achieve complete combustion with an air-fuel ratio as high as 25:1, whereas conventional engines require 14.7:1. The result is 13% better fuel economy at 40km/h over a conventional engine powered vehicle.
  • The updated Mitsubishi-tech 4G15S Engine and the new Delphi electronic fuel injection MT20U2 Management System results in higher performance, lower fuel consumption and less pollution.
  • Automatic transmission

    P-Park; R-Reverse; N-Neutral
    D-Drive: Use this position for your normal driving. The transmission automatically selects a suitable gear for the vehicle speed and acceleration.
    3-Drive: Use D3 when towing a trailer in hilly terrain, or to provide engine braking when going down a steep hill. Gear will automatically shift from 1st gear to 3redgear but will not shift to 4th or 5th.
    2-Second: Engages the second gear to provide more power when climbing and reduce the wheel spin when starting the engine on a slippery road or in deep snow.
    L-First: This position locks the transmission in first gear.
  • F5M41 Manual transmission

    The smoothly shifting BYD P5M41 five-speed manual transmission offers the driver convenience and comfort.
  • Performance & Fuel Economy

    Adopting the Delphi EFI management system, this Mitsubishi technology engine is characterised by high performance, excellent fuel consumption and low emissions.
  • Sophisticated Suspension System

    Suspension : McPherson Strut type (Front); Torsion beam type (Rear). Excellent accessibility. Outstanding handling performance with only 5.1m turning radius.


  • Two large airbags

    The driver airbag is 60L The front passenger airbag is 120L
  • Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)

    ABS is a safety system which activates the brakes automatically to reduce braking distances on slippery surfaces and ensure the stability of the car.
  • Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)

    EBD as a subsystem of ABS system and controls the adhesion of the wheels when braking. EBD uses hydraulic pressure to automatically adjusts the brakes on all four wheels, thus improving the stability and control of the vehicle in emergency situations.
  • Variable Multiple Power-Steering(VMP)

    A feature of VMP is speed-adjustable steering whereby the steering is heavily assisted at low speed and lightly assisted at high speed to ensure a smooth safe ride.
  • 14 inch all round disc brakes

    Providing enough auxiliary braking force at all times and reducing the braking distance effectively. Effective distribution of the brake force aligned to the weight of the car body provides stable braking in rain or snow and other slippery road conditions.
  • 9 inch brake vacuum booster

    This recognises the speed of the car at the point at which the brakes are applied to detect emergency braking situations. If the driver responds fast but does not apply the brakes with sufficient pressure, the booster is automatically activated.
  • Strength Ensures Safety

    3H high rigid body with strong anti-collision bars and reinforced front and rear bumper beams
  • Collapsible steering column

  • Energy-absorbing brake pedal


  • LED Dashboard – Easy on the eyes

    Simple to read and easy on the eyes, it incorporates a speedometer, water temperature guage and passenger seatbelt and door unlock alerts
  • Electrically Adjusted Exterior Rear-view Mirrors

    Ergonomically designed with durable quality, combining ease of use with high safety
  • Scroll Refrigerating Air Conditioner

    Reduces the interior temperature by 10 degrees in just five minutes
  • Four–Door Central Control

    All four doors can be controlled from a panel on both the driver’s and front passenger’s doors.
  • Air Purification

    Effective air filtration to deliver fresh air from nature!


Dimensions & Weight
Length / Width / Height mm 4325 / 1705 / 1490
Wheel Base mm 2600
Track mm 1480/1460
Min.Ground Clearance mm 170
Curb Weight kg 1170
Tyre 195/60 R15
Engine & Transmission
Engine model BYD483QB DA 4G15S DA 4G18
Engine type L4/16 Valve,Water cooling,SOHC L4/16 Valve,Water cooling,SOHC L4/16 Valve,Water cooling,DOHC
Displacement L 1.5 1.5 1.6
Max.Power Km/rpm 79/5800 78/6000 73.5/6000
MMax.Torque N.m/rpm 144/4800 134/4500 134/4500
Compression ratio 10.4:1 10.0:1 9.5:1
Top Speed Km/h 180 180 170(106)
Fuel delivery Multi-point sequential fuel injection
Transmission 5MT 5MT 4MT
Tank capacity L(gal.) 50
Brake & Suspension
Brake (F/R) Disc/Disc
Suspension(F/R) Mcpherson strut type/Torsion beam type
The actual fuel consumption will depend on the vehicle condition, road condition, driving habit and so on.