A clear winner in the B segment

People were astonished at the technology of F6 when it made its premiere. The model is honoured with 'the Gold Prize for Chinese industrial design'.


  • Air Conditioning SystemThe F6 features a fully automatic air conditioning system with dual-zone climate control and air freshener.
  • Stunning PerformanceF6 is equipped with the BYD 483QB engine to ensure optimum performance at different loads and speeds, improving driveability and overall engine efficiency.
  • Intelligent Smart Key SystemSmart Key technology enables the car location search facility, keyless entry, one-button start, and electric anti-theft alarm system to be easily operated, bringing you more convenience.


With its sharp-edged design, pronounced wheel-arches and distinctive flowing lines that form a taut and athletic shape, the F6 exudes taste and confidence beyond the ordinary.
  • Headlights:

    The intelligent hawk-eye headlights can be turned on automatically according to changes of light, providing ultimate safety.
  • Exterior Rearview :

    Each of the electronically adjustable rearview mirrors incorporates an LED 'turning' indicator.
  • Front Fog Lamps:

    The front fog lamps enhance visibility in adverse weather conditions.
  • Front Grille:

    The trendy design of the chromium front grille enhances the sense of dynamism and elegance.
  • Alloy Wheels:

    The stylish alloy wheels are fitted with 205/65R15 tyres for stability and strong grip adding to both the car’s appeal and driving safety.
  • LED Rear Lamps:

    The LED rear lamps provide brighter and faster reflection along with a longer working life.


Rear Central Armrest The rear central Armrest can be unfolded to add to the sense of executive-level comfort.

Multi-adjustable seating The driver's seat can be adjusted in six directions to provide optimum comfort.

Combination DashboardThe LED illuminated combination dashboard is light-adjustable for eye protection.

Steering wheelThe 4-direction adjustable steering wheel incorporates the cruise control and audio control and makes full use of ergonomic principles to satisfy your driving needs.

Front sliding double height central armrestThe double height central armrest can slide 14 cm providing a comfortable posture for the driver and reducing stress

  • Two Decorative Styles

    The F6 blends two different styles of interior décor. The grey trim highlights technology and is complemented by the mahogany trim, which reflects the car’s refinement.
  • Overhead Glasses Box

  • Rear Ashtray

  • Lockable Passenger Side Glove Box

    (with locker)
  • Dual Mode Power Moon-roof

  • One Touch Lifting Switch

  • Clear Illuminated Button System

  • Eight Direction Compass

  • Front Reading Light

  • Front Door Storage

    (with cup holder)
  • Rear Door Storage

    (with cup holder)
  • Front Double Cup Holder

  • 4-door Centre Control


BYD 483QB Engine

  • The BYD483QB design adopts the IVT (Intake Variable Technique) system, which continuously ensures optimum intake efficiency to maintain performance at different loads and speeds and improve driveability and overall engine efficiency. This tried and tested technology has been well received by both the motoring media and consumers.
  • The BYD 1.8L 483QA engine puts out a mighty 90Kw power and maximum torque of 160Nm. This gasoline engine is able to work at optimum level in any working condition. It brings added safety, comfort, fuel economy and environmental benefits.
  • Tiptronic Transmission (2.0CVT)

    The Tiptronic transmission, originally imported from Mitsubishi Japan, is perfectly matched with the BYD 483QB engine. Using self-adaptive technology it modifies the drivers' driving habits and automatically adjusts gear change times.

    Manual Transmission (1.8MT)

    F6 1.8L uses the BYD483QA engine matched to a 5-speed manual transmission.
  • Fine-tuned Chassis

    A front double wish-bone suspension - a frequent choice in sports cars - , is used in F6. Along with multi-link suspension in the rear this ensures good driving stability and ride comfort. Five-link double wish-bone independent suspension provides good ride quality and excellent handling by allowing the vehicle to flex more and more easily conform to the varying road conditions.


  • 2+2 Full Size Airbags

    To help reduce the impact to occupants in a collision, the F6 is equipped with SRS twin front airbags and side airbags (optional).
  • 3H Body Structure

    The integrated body shell is designed for all-direction collision shielding. An integral side frame helps maintain survival space after collision and ensure driver and passengers safety. Six side anti-collision bars and reinforced front and rear bumper beams further assist in reducing the effects of impact all the way around the car.

    Anti-lock Brake System (ABS): F6 ABS uses four channels and four sensors enabling all wheels to be controlled independently
    Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD): EBD automatically increases the rear braking force to reduce stopping distances regardless of load and road conditions.
  • Variable Multiple Power Steering (VMP)

    VMP provides speed adjusted steering whereby the steering is heavily assisted at low speed and lightly assisted at high speed to ensure a smooth and safe ride.
  • Reverse Parking Radars

    When reversing four radar sensors detect obstacles and alert the driver who can more easily understand the situation at the back where the rear mirrors cannot cover.
  • Disc brakes for all four wheels

    Disc brakes on all four wheels, ventilated on the front, are standard on all grades and provide sure and safe stopping.
  • Gear Indicator (AT)

    Sub-meter-trip Function Door Unlocked and Driver Seat Belt Fasten Sound & Instrument indicator
  • Collapsible Steering Column

    Effectively absorbs impact energy during collision. Intelligently designed to telescope inward on impact to significantly increase driver safety.


Dual-zone automatic A/C
The highly efficient system provides comfort for all occupants and individual climate control for both the driver and front passenger is at your fingertips.
A/C Ventilation outlets
Multiple ventilation outlets provide a pleasant ambience for both driver and passengers.
Air freshen system
Fresh clean air is provided to all occupants.
  • Media System

    6 HIFI Speakers
    6 HIFI speakers create a breath-taking audio experience using DVD, VCD, MP3, or CD
    Multi-media ports
    USB ports and audio input bring you the convenience of everyday life, even on the move. Music (*.mp3, *wma) can be accessed directly from a U disk (USB Port) and AUX (Auxiliary Input) can output audio from MP3 or other audio devices (3.5mm general tagging interface)
    Knob type adjustment
    The control is designed for easy use and quick response.

    CAN-BUS comprises six communication networks which control a number of independent ECUs (Electronic Control Units). The data is sent and received by a crewel circuit so that each ECU on the network receives information at the same time and can transfer the data to control the appropriate system. CAN-BUS technology provides more stable performance and maximises efficiency.
  • Navigation system

    Large seven inch large touch screen
    Touch screen input
    Over speed alert (120km/h)
    *SD memory card (maps storage)
  • Cruise Control System

    The cruise control is particularly useful for long drives across sparsely populated areas, saving miles and resulting in better fuel efficiency.
  • Automatic central lock system

    All doors are locked automatically at 20km/h and can be unlocked automatically should a collision occur.
  • Intelligent anti-theft remote control system

    Anti-theft security alarm keeps your car secure wherever you go, integrated with the central locking key to give you a fresh level of security.
  • Central Control

  • Light Control

  • A/C Control


Dimensions & Weight
Length / Width / Height mm 4846 / 1822 / 1465
Wheel Base mm 2740
Track mm 1551/1551
Min.Turning Radius m ≤ 5.1
Min.Ground Clearance mm 150
Curb Weight kg 1435 1480
Tyre 205/65 R15
Engine & Transmission
Brand BYD483QB Mitsubishi 4G69(MIVEC)
Type L4/16 Valve,DOHC,VVT,MPI L4/16 Valve,DOHC,VVT,MPI
Displacement L 2.0 2.4
Max.Power Km/rpm 103/6000 (138/6000) 121/5800 (158/5800)
MMax.Torque Nm/rpm 186/4000~4500(137/4000~5000) 220/3500-4500(159/3500~4500)
Top Speed Km/h ≥ 185(115) ≥ 200(124)
Transmission 5MT Tiptronic
Brake & Suspension
Brake (F/R) Disc/Disc
Suspension Double wishbone-type independent suspension / 5-link independent suspension
The actual fuel consumption will depend on the vehicle condition, road condition, driving habit and so on.