• Timo White
  • Athens Silver 
  • Recife Blue
  • Marseilles Grey 
  • Doctor Black 
  • French Red 


  • Strong Performance & Smooth Driving

    The G3 features two petrol engines, a 1.5L and 1.8L, both of which are powerful, refined and economical. The 1.5L engine comes with a 5-speed manual transmission while the 1.8L engine uses an advanced automatic CVT .
  • Comprehensive Safety Technologies

    There is no compromise on safety with the G3. The integration of key safety technologies including ABS and EBD, airbags for the driver and passengers, and a robust passenger safety cell provide all the occupants with the best possible protection.
  • Hi-tech Intelligent System

    The G3’s keyless entry system is the ultimate in convenience. As you approach the car the system detects the driver’s smart card, deactivates the anti-theft system and unlocks the doors.


  • Front Fog Lamps

  • Dual-Mode Sun-Roof

    A modern concept to add to your personal enjoyment
  • High Waistline:

    Elegant body lines add to the sense of the solidness and beautry with contours that create a pleasing aesthetic appearance.
  • 15-inch Alloy Wheel

    Stylish 15-inch alloy wheels with a 10-spoke design are light yet strong and visually appealing.
  • Front Face:

    The bold front styling conveys a sense of function combined with beauty


Tilt steering wheel adjustment The position of the steering wheel can be adjusted according to driver’s needs.

LCD multi-function instrument panelThe streamlined HD panel gives the driver clear information that is easy to read.

Storage Box & Ash Tray

Smart key system

  • Ergonomic Designed Seat

    The ergonomically designed leather seats provide driver and passengers with luxurious comfort.
  • Seating Space

    Both the front and back seats of the S6 are very spacious. The higher driver’s seat position ensures good vision and the arched roof offers increased headroom.


BYD 483QB Engine

  • The BYD483QB design adopts the IVT (Intake Variable Technique) system, which continuously ensures optimum intake efficiency to maintain performance at different loads and speeds and improve driveability and overall engine efficiency. This tried and tested technology has been well received by both the motoring media and consumers.
  • The BYD 1.5L 473QB engine puts out a mighty 90Kw power and maximum torque of 160N.m. This gasoline engine is able to work in optimum status in any working condition. It provides driving with more safety, comfort, fuel economy and environmental friendly.
    • Technology: An aluminium in-line, four cylinder, single overhead camshaft design using electronically controlled multi-point sequential injections, variable lift valve technology and EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation.
    • Advantage: Advantages include light weight and a maximum output of 8kW or power and 145 Nm of torque. Emission levels are low with Nox reduced by between 30% and 50% and HC by 10% to 20%. The intelligent air intake system reduces fuel consumption by 5%.. Intelligent control of the fuel mix ensures smooth running, more efficient intake, more responsive reaction and less noise.
  • Punch VT2 CVT:

    Latest European Technology with core components from Bosch. Provides 5 lever shift lever positions: Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Sport with manual mode. Smooth to shift and can achieve strong power output, while delivering lower emissions with better fuel economy.


  • Twin airbags, two side airbags

    A key safety design to help to protect the driver and front passenger from serious injury in the event of a collision.
  • Front Seat Belt Pre-tensioners

    Pre-tensioners preemptively tighten the belt to prevent the occupants from jerking forward in a crash.

    Anti-lock Brake System (ABS):
    G3 ABS uses four channels and four sensors enabling all wheels to be controlled independently.
    Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD):
    EBD automatically increases the rear braking force to reduce stopping distances regardless of load and road conditions.
  • Electronic Anti-Theft System

    Entry into the vehicle or attempting to start the vehicle without the smart key will activate the anti-theft system.
  • Three-Point Seat Belts & ISOFIX

    The ISOFIX design helps protect the safety of children and three-point seat belts reduce the risk of fatalities and serious injuries from collisions.
  • 4-Door Centre Control

    Gives you all the control you need without taking your eyes off the road ahead.
  • Child Safety Lock

    Designed to prevent children from opening the doors during travel and falling from the car.
  • Energy Absorbing Sub Frame

    G3’s sub frame is designed to absorb impact energy and reduce injury in the event of a vehicle collision.
  • Electronic Anti-theft Steering Shaft Lock

    The electronic anti-theft steering column lock provides additional security when parked.
  • Collapsible Steering Column

    The steering column is designed to effectively absorb impact energy during a collision and is intelligently designed to telescope inward on impact, significantly increasing the safety of the driver.
  • Disc brakes on all four wheels, ventilated on the front, are standard and provide sure and safe stopping.


The smart key system allows you to keep the car key in your pocket when unlocking and starting the automobile. The key is identified via sensors in the car door. As you get close to the vehicle it is automatically unlocked as soon as the door handle button is activated.
  • LED driver information centre

    The highly innovative while and blue illumination improves visibility both in the day-time and at night. Information includes: speed, mileage, water temperature, time, and fuel status.
  • Dynamic Technical Panel With High-end DVD & GPS Technology

    Large 7” screen using smart touch screen technology. Remote control capability and combines rear-view. Visual and audio USB input and TV Antenna.

    CAN-Bus comprises six communication networks which control a number of independent ECUs (Electronic Control Units). The data is sent and received by a crewel circuit so that each ECU on the network receives information at the same time and can transfer the data to control the appropriate system. CAN-BUS technology provides more stable performance and maximises efficiency.
  • Headlights

    LED front combination lights help maximise visibility and contribute to safer driving.
  • Power Adjustable Exterior Rearview Mirrors

  • Taillights

    LED rear combination lights with a clear inner lens deliver a clearer signal while also adding style.
  • AUX + USB


Dimensions & Weight
Length / Width / Height mm 4600 / 1705 / 1490
Wheel Base mm 2610
Track mm 1480/1460
Min.Terning Radius m 5.1
Min.Ground Clearance mm 170
Curb Weight kg 1440 1450
Tyre 195/60 R15
Engine & Transmission
Engine model BYD483QB BYD483QE BYD483QA
Engine type L4/16 Valve,Water cooling,SOHC L4/16 Valve,Water cooling,SOHC,EGS L4/16 Valve,Water cooling,DOHC
Displacement L 1.5 1.5 1.8
Max.Power Km/rpm 79/5800 80/5800 90/6000
MMax.Torque N.m/rpm 144/4800 145/4500 160/3700-4200
Compression ratio 10.4:1 10.6:1 9.3:1
Top Speed Km/h 170(106) 170(106) 170(106)
Fuel delivery Multi-point sequential fuel injection
Transmission 5MT 5MT CVT
Tank capacity L(gal.) 50
Brake & Suspension
Brake (F/R) Disc/Disc
Suspension(F/R) Mcpherson strut type/Torsion beam type
The actual fuel consumption will depend on the vehicle condition, road condition, driving habit and so on.