• Fe-battery

    Long service life
    High safety

    No toxic electrolytes and no heavy metals contained in the recyclable Fe battery
    The battery capacity is 200Ah
  • Passenger-oriented Design

    Low entry, wide gangway and large step-free aisle sloping floor.

    Driver-friendly design

    The automatic transmission frees drivers from gears shift and reduces fatigue.
  • Eco-Friendliness

    No direct emission
    Low noise
  • Long Range

    BYD eBUS-12 is able to run 250km on a single charge in urban conditions
  • Economical Operation

    Energy consumption is around 130kwh/100km in urban conditions
  • Optional Features

    Different body types, interiors, ranges and passenger capacity provide more operational flexibility.
  • 2010 - First BYD electric bus was launched.
    2011 - The world’s largest electric bus fleet launched. BYD delivered 200 BYD eBUS-12 for the Universiade held in Shenzhen following which all entered regular passenger service in the Shenzhen public transportation system.
  • 2012 - BYD electric buses are now running in four cities in China, including 200 units in Shenzhen, 100 units in Changsha, 5 units in Shaoguan and 50 units in Xi'an.
  • The accumulated driving distance of the eBUS-12 has exceeded 7.40 million kilometers (4.56 million miles) by the end of June 2012, while the single vehicle mileage has reached 60,000 kilometers (36,960miles).


With its distinctive appearance the BYD eBUS-12 has exactly matched the modern design style of the public transport sector. It has a length/width/height of 12000mm/2550mm/3360mm.
  • Wheelchair Access Ramp

    The wheelchair access ramp enables passengers with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs to get on and off the bus easily. This quick to position steel ramp can withstand great weight.
  • Front Combined Lamps

    The eagle-eye shaped front combined lamps reveal a blend of fashion and high-technology and incorporate LED lights. These eye-catching lights accentuate the distinctive design identity of eBUS-12.
  • Wheels

    The highly durable 275/70R22.5 tyres are fully compliant with the bus body.
  • Special Exterior for the Universiade 2011

    All the BYD eBUS-12 for the Universiade 2011 featured a green body with blue roof to provide an attractive and environmental friendly visual appearance.


  • Driver’s Work Area

    Drivers will quickly learn to appreciate the wide windscreen and spacious driving compartment with its easy to read instrument panel and ample stowage space. The front windshield covers two thirds of the front face, providing better visibility for the driver. Also, the height of driver’s seat can automatically adjust according to the driver’s weight.
  • Integrated Instrument Panel

    The eBUS-12 instrument panel has a large TFT screen with superior performance in brightness and good contrast. The panel provides the driver with real time driving information, such as motor rotation speed, running speed, mileage, and dump energy levels.
  • Rear Door Monitor

    The clear picture from the rear door monitor eliminates the driver’s blind spot and ensures safe operation of the door.Through the clear picture of the monitor, bus driver can know real-time information of the back door to eliminate blind spot.
  • One Button Start

    The engine automatically detects the smart key once it’s inside the bus. The engine can then be started or stopped by pressing the "POWER" button (While at the same time stepping on the brake). If there was not enough power in the smart key battery, the key can be placed near the start button and the bus can be started.
  • Battery Packs Position


The BYD in-house developed rear drive axle installed in the eBUS-12 is the core technology of BYD’s electric buses. The rear drive axle system integrates the wheelhub drive and regenerative braking technologies. Compared with the normal motor, the rear drive axle system has no gear box, no transmission shaft, and no differential mechanism, therefore it can cut down the bus weight by 300kg and also greatly saves space. Because the power from the motor is directly transmitted to the wheels, there are significant improvements in transmission efficiency and reductions in noise and vibration.
  • ET-Power Fe Battery Technology

    Fe Battery
    BYD is the strategic battery supplier to top global brands such as Nokia, Apple and Samsung. It has extensive battery research and production experience of over17 years, with production volumes to date of over 2.2 billion units. The state-of-the-art automatic production lines ensure safer and more efficient production of the Fe battery.
    High Safety
    he Fe battery applied in the BYD eBUS-12 has passed numerous tests, including crash, pinprick, burning , squeeze,etc.
    High Energy Density
    The Fe battery has a high energy density, which can reduce the vehicle weight and improve energy efficiency.
    Long Service Life
    he Fe battery can be used for 10 years according to the daily driving range and suffers no memory fade effect.
    Environmental Friendly
    The Fe battery is composed of economical and environmentally-friendly raw materials. It makes little impact on the environment since no heavy metals are contained in the raw materials.
  • Electric Powertrain System

    Motor controller: controls forward and reverse movement of the driving motor, with integrated on-board charger.
    Distributed battery management system: including signal collector and controller, inspecting the working status of every cell. Other controllers : HV distribution box, DC-DC converter, inverter, and so on.


  • The AC on-board charging system is BYD’s own newly developed technology for the electric bus. With a charging power of 60kw, it takes only five hours to fully recharge the BYD eBUS-12.
    The system uses the Bi-directional Charging and Discharging technology and will be applied to all BYD electric vehicles.Since it has a direct connection to the grid, the BYD eBUS-12's AC charging system can not only charge the batteries but also transmit electricity into the grid from the batteries.

    AC on-board charging system advantages:

    Independent of specialist charging stations.
    Saves much more money than a DC charging system.
    The charging pole is much smaller and lighter, and more convenient to transport than a charging cabinet.
    Low overall maintenance costs.
    Suitable for various places; easy to operate.
    Charging is both safe and pollution free, which is economically beneficial as buildings can be constructed over the charging station.
    Vehicles can be charged at night during off-peak hours, reducing pressure on the grid.
    Electricity can be transmitted back into the grid from the batteries if needed for emergency power supply.


Dimensions & Weight
Length / Width / Height mm 12000 / 2550 / 3360
Wheel Base mm 5950
Min.Turning Radius m 12
Type 275/70 R22.5
Approach/Departure Angle 7° / 7°
Body Material Aluminum
Electric Motor Permanent Magent Synchronous AC motor (Integrated in Rear Axle)
Top Speed kw/h 70
Motor Max.Power kw 90×2
Max.Torque N.m 350×2
Urban Range km 250
Power Battery
Battery Type Fe Battery
Battery Capacity Ah 600
Battery Energy kwh 324
Recharge System
Charging Power kw 30×2
Charging Time h 5
The actual power consumption will depend on the charging condition, road condition, driving habit and so on.